Mechanical Bulls - FRC 4509

Team 4509 is the Lanier High School FIRST Robotics team based in Sugar Hill, GA.
We aim to create a thriving STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) community and culture via our activities and outreach.

2021 - We are now a FIRST K-12 program, with FIRST at all levels of FLL, FTC and FRC in our cluster of schools!!!

Newcomers and beginners, you ARE our priority, so join us!!


FIRST Robotics is the world's leading "sport for the mind", and our team is your chance to get involved!  We have great sponsor support, so do not worry about expensive dues, etc., just get involved!

Beginner?  Newcomer?  You ARE our priority!  Your only job is to show up and ask to help with something.

We usually meet after school, on Wednesdays. Room 733 (CDAT Hall, Becker's room), starting at 2:30.  We usually stay until 4pm, but you can leave earlier.