Our Team

Team 4509, the "Mechanical Bulls", is a FIRST Robotics team based at Lanier High School in Sugar Hill, GA. We have some roots and connections to Team 1771 from North Gwinnett High School, and we collaborate with them, as well as other GCPS teams which is nicknamed "GRAMPS" - Gwinnett Robotics And Manufacturing Partner Schools.

What is FIRST?

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, FIRST, created a FIRST Robotics Competition program, which is the ultimate robotics competition, the "superbowl of the mind", for high school. FIRST is all about "Inspiration" and learning. Winning competitions is cool, but learning and loving engineering is even cooler. And there's $80 million in scholarships!! 


Our mission

The mission of the Lanier Robotics team is to create a thriving STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) community and culture via our activities and outreach. We hope to accomplish this by supporting our cluster of schools beginning at the Elementary school level, through the middle school level, and all the way up to the high school. We volunteer our time helping young kids apply technology and computational thinking to LEGOs at the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) hosted at the high school. We also collaborate with the middle school's STEM program and FTC robotics. We also show support for our women interested in STEM careers by creating clubs such as STEM Girls. 

We host an annual FLL tournament, and we will be hosting camps during the summer at our high school to show kids that technology and engineering can be cool. At Lanier, we hope to create an environment that focuses on the newcomer, and to develop a community feel. 

Our Team

Club Leadership Positions 2023-2024 Season

Our club is different than our competition team.  The club is for everyone, we want you to learn.  The Team is for those who want to commit to competing, and doing what it takes to be successful.

CEO - Jess

CAD - Valentina with Chase

Marketing - Aya

Programming - Isaac with Logan

Manufacturing - Davis

Outreach - Valentina with Erika

Team Leadership Positions 2023-2024 Season

The leadership positions will be determined once the school year has officially begun in order to choose people who are most dedicated and equipped for a leadership position.


Our primary mentors for the team will be Mike Reilly, John Becker, and Scott Griggs, but we are a foremost student-run team because we believe the most important skills to be learned by high schoolers include leadership and responsibility. 

Lanier High School Mentors:

Corporate Mentors:

Alumni Mentors:

Community Mentors: