Here are the essential documents and info in order to attend as a team member.  Anyone can attend as a spectator, for free, but team members are required to have documentation for school and FIRST. 

1. Register as a team member, either online or in-person, parent account and approval required. 

2. Georgia FIRST Consent (this is in addition to FIRST site above)

See below for our confirmed events with additional information:

2023-2024 season 

We are SO excited to have a local tournament for friends, family and sponsors to attend!

We start the year with our GRITS tournament, the last weekend of October 2022 at Riverside Military in Gainesville, GA

Our season "kickoff" is January 6, 2023, at noon.  

The first competition of the new season is in Albany, GA, during the first weekend of March.

Our second competition will be held at Discovery High School in Lawrenceville, GA, March 17-19, 2023.

Lastly, we hope to play in our State Championship, held during our Spring Break week.